Medical Information

Medical aid services at the Kyoto Marathon will be set up with an emphasis on saving lives. Aid for injuries and illnesses during the race will not go beyond the level of first aid. The staff will concentrate on ensuring treatment of people suffering from serious conditions. The aid station, therefore, will not be equipped for taping up runners, applying plasters, or spraying cold sprays. If you need such aids, please prepare them yourself.

10 Recommendations for the Safety of Citizen Marathon Runners

Prepared by the Guidelines Examination Committee of the Japanese Society of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine, and the Medical Committee of the Japan Association of Athletics Federations

  1. Get plenty of nourishment and sleep as a matter of routine.
  2. Stop smoking.
  3. Get a medical check-up every year.
  4. If you have a lifestyle disease, consult your physician to obtain complete medical advice.
  5. Train in a well-planned manner.
  6. Wear running apparel suitable for the temperature and humidity, and replenish your body's fluids at appropriate intervals.
  7. Immediately stop running in the event of discomfort in the chest area, chest pains, cold sweat, dizziness, etc.
  8. Promptly attend to any pain or cramp in the feet, legs, knees, back, etc.
  9. Have the courage to quit if you are worried about your ability to finish the race or about your physical condition.
  10. Learn how to perform CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).


Kyoto Marathon Entry & Hotel Reservation Desk

JTB Sports Station
7F JTB Bldg 2-1-25, Kyutaro-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 541-0056 Japan
TEL: +81-6-6267-5163(hours 9:30-17:30; closed Sat.,Sun.,holidays)