Your donations were given to support Tohoku

The Kyoto Marathon 2016 was held under the main concept of "Assistance for Reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake."

We would like to thank you for all your donations and support during the Kyoto Marathon 2016 towards the reconstruction effort.

On 28th of March we held a donation ceremony at Japanese Red Cross Society Kyoto and gave all the donations collected from the Kyoto Marathon 2016 to the Emergency Management Headquarters of affected regions by the Great East Japan Earthquake through Japanese Red Cross Society.

We are praying for the swift recovery of the areas affected in Tohoku.

Total amount of donations: 8,911,713 yen


    교토마라톤 엔트리 & 호텔 예약데스크

    JTB Sports Station
    (우)541-0056 오사카시 츄오구 규타로마치 2-1-25 JTB빌딩7층
    전화:+81-6-6267-5163(영업시간9:30~17:30 토요일,일요일,공휴일제외)