Runners’ Questionnaire [by March 21 2016]

We are conducting a questionnaire to better reflect your voices for the next Kyoto Marathon. We would be grateful for your cooperation.
Based on the previous year’s questionnaire, we gave out preliminary certificates on the day of the race, made all lanes of Kitayama St. open to runners, and increased the number of the toilets and food items.
We would appreciate it if you could click on the following URL to answer the questionnaire.


    교토마라톤 엔트리 & 호텔 예약데스크

    JTB Sports Station
    (우)541-0056 오사카시 츄오구 규타로마치 2-1-25 JTB빌딩7층
    전화:+81-6-6267-5163(영업시간9:30~17:30 토요일,일요일,공휴일제외)