Finisher’s Medal Design Unveiled

The organizers of Kyoto Marathon 2016 have unveiled the design for this year’s finisher’s medal.

The pentagonal design is a nod to the fact that the 2016 run is the fifth Kyoto Marathon, while the purple color motif symbolizes Kyoto’s history as Japan’s ancient capital. Points of the equilateral pentagon are connected to the opposing sides to create a smaller equilateral pentagon inside. Similarly, an even smaller pentagon is created within that shape and the process is repeated for a “design in which the pentagonal motif continues ad infinitum.” Thus, the medal has been designed to represent both the enduring quality of Kyoto’s traditions and the constant, kaleidoscope-like change of scenery seen by the eyes of the runners racing toward the finish line.

There are also plans to offer runners the option of having plates attached to the reverse sides of their medals, engraved with their names, times, and bib numbers. (Fee applies.)

The medal is an ideal way to celebrate and commemorate completing the Kyoto Marathon and will surely spur runners on to the finish line.

  • Finisher’s Medal Design Unveiled


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