Why do you prohibit running in costumes?


Kyoto Marathon’s course includes narrow strips and unpaved riverbanks. Runners will be asked to stop if emergency vehicles need to pass by, and the course will be occasionally detoured to the left and right so that pedestrians may cross streets. Runners are thus requested to remain alert throughout the course and should be dressed in a way that allows them to move agilely. Costumes could interfere with evacuation activity in the event of an emergency and/or be offensive or a nuisance to other runners or spectators along the course. For these reasons, running in any kind of costume is prohibited in the Kyoto Marathon. Also, runners will not be allowed to wear and/or display any designs, trademarks, etc. that indicate the names of companies or products for advertising purposes at the event venue (including on the course).
Once again, we will offer race bibs with nicknames for use in this event. We hope you will enjoy taking part in the marathon wearing one of these race bibs.


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