On race day, what should I do with my belongings?


●You will be provided a bag (70cm x 50cm) for personal items at check-in time. At the starting area, you can check the bag in at the baggage check-in counter and it will be returned to you at the Finish Area.
Remember to affix the baggage seal to your bag, and then place your personal items inside; finally be sure the bag is closed tightly.
Any remaining items should be taken to the General Information Counter to be shipped to the Finish Area (fee required).
We can not accept valuables.

●Staff at the Help Desk during Runner Check-in, staff at the General Information Counter at the Starting Area, and at Finish Area are ready to provide multilingual support. Also please look for staff members with badges on their chests with “English” or “中文”, as they are able to provide support in that language.

●After finishing the race, please go to Otsukaresama Runners’ Square on the 3rd floor of Miyakomesse. There will be warm miso soup, massages, and foot bath provided free of charge. You can also purchase food at food stands.


Kyoto Marathon Entry & Hotel Reservation Desk

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